Dispose of your extra medications at our outpatient pharmacies

Secure disposal units can accept prescription and over-the-counter medications

Over the years, unused medications have usually ended up in our waterways or simply in the wrong hands – neither of which is good for our communities. Stepping in to be a part of the solution, the UVM Medical Center has installed a MedSafe sealed canister at each of our three outpatient pharmacies. The MedSafe gives patients, physicians and employees an easy drop-off point for unfinished or expired medications to be incinerated off site.

In the first six months after the canisters were installed, we incinerated 12 38-gallon boxes of medication.

“Some of these medications can easily be diverted to be used recreationally or sold,” says Mark DiParlo, director of Pharmacy Services. “These canisters provide a real niche in the market to help get a lot of these drugs off of the streets and out of patients’ medicine cabinets. This is good for our patients and our environment.”

Plans are in the works to expand the use of these canisters around the organization.

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