Phlebotomists speed returning troops to family reunions

UVM Medical Center staff provide safe, quick blood screenings for returning Air Guard members

On February 23, Vermont Air Guard members returned to Vermont. One of the first things they had to do before they reunited with their families was to have their blood drawn for screening.

I’ll never forget watching children holding signs and cheering for their loved ones as the plane touched ground. I am honored to be among such an amazing and dedicated team.”

Amber Foote, Lead Phlebotomist

While this is standard procedure, the two hours it usually takes for the blood draws and testing can seem like a lifetime when you are waiting to see your loved ones.

That day, 12 of our phlebotomists met returning Guard members at the Air Force base to draw their blood right there – a process that took 30 minutes for 240 people – the fastest post-deployment processing they had ever experienced.